Matherials and methods

Having defined the scope of this blog, I would like to point out the few things that I am going to do, and how I am going to do them.

1) I will analyze what the people around me wear. Fashion and style is a social process, and being in context is more important than being perfect;

2) I will analyze, what I like in clothing, what impression I want to give, and by which means I can achieve that;

3) I will go through my wardrobe (and I am going to buy new stuff, because I enjoy it ;), I will combine new outfits and I make photos;
3a) Nota bene: for outfits I’m going to use exclusively the methods I would use in my normal life. I.e. if for stroll in the city I wear sneakers, I’m not going to pose for the blog in high heel pumps, no matter how slimmer it would make my hips look like. WYSIWYG. If I am using accessories, be sure that they are comfy and useful 🙂

4) And of course I will share my thoughts and observations about style, design, clothing, and shopping.


I just love this uniqlo sweatskirt (similar here) and h&m scarf


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