Professor River Song

I adore strong women in the cinema (and in real life =)) and since I saw Doctor Who, Professor River Song is one of my favourite characters of all times! Pity that relatively few share my passion to her, especially when it comes to fan stuff.

As always, I stick to the rule, when you don’t find something you want, do it yourself.

River Song T-shirt

There are many more products that T-shirts, actually

And now they are on sale!



Omg, why did I buy another navy and white striped pullover in addition to those 5 or 6 that I already have?!!

That’s what I was asking myself after the first urge of compulsive shopping was gone.

Well, I think this photo perfectly answers the question. Because it works! In particular it works together with this A-line denim skirt. I especially like, that white stripes don’t go all the way up: first, it visually widens the shoulders (and therefore helps to balance wide hips), second, it breaks the torso area, leading the attention away from somewhat too massive breast. Also, it’s not very tight, which adds to the impression of slimness.


H&M pullover

Uniqlo skirt


Happy New Year everyone!

I spent my Christmas holidays in Florence – and now I fully understand what “Florence syndrome” is!


Even though, admittedly, the weather didn’t quite count for “South”, I spent wonderful time both wandering the foggy old city and museums.

In Uffizi gallery in I paid attention to numerous Madonnas with a bit non-standard colors of cloak and dress. Instead of plain blue and red it`s dark red (almost burgundy) with teal. And aubergine lining of the cloak. I was so inspired with the color combination, that got myself some accessories in these colors, as a souvenir. They are leather (another Florence specialty), no name, just bought from the street. Can’t wait to combine them in one outfit 🙂


(The painting is Giuliano Bugiardini’s “Madonna col Bambino”)

Matherials and methods

Having defined the scope of this blog, I would like to point out the few things that I am going to do, and how I am going to do them.

1) I will analyze what the people around me wear. Fashion and style is a social process, and being in context is more important than being perfect;

2) I will analyze, what I like in clothing, what impression I want to give, and by which means I can achieve that;

3) I will go through my wardrobe (and I am going to buy new stuff, because I enjoy it ;), I will combine new outfits and I make photos;
3a) Nota bene: for outfits I’m going to use exclusively the methods I would use in my normal life. I.e. if for stroll in the city I wear sneakers, I’m not going to pose for the blog in high heel pumps, no matter how slimmer it would make my hips look like. WYSIWYG. If I am using accessories, be sure that they are comfy and useful 🙂

4) And of course I will share my thoughts and observations about style, design, clothing, and shopping.


I just love this uniqlo sweatskirt (similar here) and h&m scarf



my name is Ani and I am a geek. Or a nerd, whatever you prefer. Here will be a diary of my way into style.

I am a postdoc in molecular biology working in one of the world famous labs. And, at the same time I am a 30 years old woman who likes to look pretty, but doesn’t want to be perceived as a vain and superficial person.

Why can’t I just copy some tips that one can find in the look books of brands and fancy fashion blogs? Well, most of them are just not applicable as they don’t consider the limitations me and my lifestyle apply to my choice of clothing.

I feel a certain mismatch of the general concept: elaborate and thorough outfits (even when they try to look effortless) vs. putting on the jeans and T-shirt that were easiest to reach in the closet. In other words, people who take their pride in not investing any effort in dressing up are not the target audience of these prospects.

As a geek, I would say, there is a certain peer pressure (not even mentioning the pressure from your higher ups, if you happen to have ones) for not overdressing. You waste spend time in from of the mirror <= you don’t have anything better to do (and the common view is: there are sooo many better things). Oh, wait, there is a catch! I indeed don’t want to spend too much time on my looks; I indeed have many other interesting things to do, be they better or not.

So, social (better say subcultural) conventions would be limitation number one.

Limitation number two: I absolutely refuse to suffer for the sake of beauty! Comfort is everything (perhaps it could have come as lim. number 1… or number 0).

The third issue is my personal and comes from the body shape. My tops are usually European size 36 (S), my bottoms – 40-42 (L) and this poses certain challenges, especially when I try to look for dresses or jeans that rarely simultaneously accommodate my hips and thinner waist comfortably.

Good thing I can sew clothes. Bad thing: I don’t have much time for that. So most of my wardrobe comes from the budget chain stores like H&M, C&A, and Takko, which would be the limitation number four, as I strongly believe that I know funnier ways to invest money than spending it on a chic designer’s outfit. Although I never mind a well-fitting thing from a sale rack.

And number five: I strongly prefer natural materials.

So I am going to devise a style for a person, for whom style is not a priority.

Wish me luck 🙂